A Fairness Opinion is a judgment used for guidance in assessing a potential acquisition, merger, or takeover. The opinion must be reliable and prepared without conflict of interest. To provide a useful fairness opinion, CB Securities has the necessary experience, remains independent, and conducts a thorough and complete analysis of the situation.


Experience - We have extensive experience in oil and gas divestitures, mergers, and acquisitions and have conducted a significant number of fairness opinions over the past 20 years. 

Independence - We are an independent Canadian firm offering corporate financial advisory services related to oil and gas divestitures, mergers, and acquisitions, and have no associations or affiliations with our clients or their related companies. Our opinions are not prepared with the expectation of participation in future financings or in future transactional advisory services.


Detailed Analysis - We will conduct a detailed analysis based upon both financial and technical information provided by the client along with our own market research findings.